What services do you provide?
Initial phone consultation (15-20 minutes)   
Individual therapy (face to face and virtual)
Couples therapy (face to face only)

What are virtual sessions?     
Traditional therapy over a platform similar to Facetime or Skype  

What ages to do work with?      
Adults only


How long is an individual session?     
45-50 minutes

How long is a couples session?
45-75 minutes

How often will we meet?    
Clients are seen on a weekly basis initially, and may come less frequently as time progresses.           

How long will therapy last?     
This depends on your goals and needs. Collaboratively we will explore how things are working and when you are ready to end.                 


 Do you accept insurance?     
No, we do not accept insurance

What is the cost for sessions?
$200/individual session to work with Lead Therapists
$150/individual session, $200/couple session to work with Associate Therapists

How can I pay for my sessions?     
Cash, Check, Credit Card or other electronic payment systems (e.g. PayPal, Venmo)       

Do you offer a sliding scale?    
Yes, for students, individuals between jobs, or those experiencing financial hardship, this can be arranged           


Where are you located?
Our office is located at 125 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010